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Bio: “For five years, Folkinception has been one of Spokane’s most impressive musical voices. The band’s Kickstarter-funded 2014 album Tower Mountain skillfully walks a tricky line between well-crafted and well-performed Americana music and the kind of ragged “everybody now!” soulful folk-rock that people dig these days. Tight tunes that hang together while also oozing authenticity are harder to make than it sounds.” – The Pacific NW Inlander

Folkinception’s musical roots rise from the great American folk tradition and extend far into the realm of Americana and Rock n Roll. The band has been praised for their ability to “build a song from a whisper to a roar”. The music is firmly rooted in a song writing process that pays homage to life’s triumphs, while confronting adversity with a defiant sense of optimism. Their sound, developed over the past six years, conveys a musical identity unique to their Northwest origins. Folkinception is putting their stamp an a new genre of music coming out of the Pacific Northwest today… Upper Left Americana.

Cello, violin, harmonica and vocal harmonies layer together to provide a uniquely original timbre; while electric guitar and Hammond organ vary between nuanced textures and soaring climactic heights. Drums, bass, acoustic guitar and piano round out the instrumentation and act as the driving, rhythmic force behind the songs. Since the band’s inception in 2011 Folkinception has evolved into a regional fan favorite; supporting many of the great up and coming, independent bands touring the Northwest today. Folkinception has shared the stage with Fruition, Hot Buttered Rum, The Lil’ Smokies, Dead Winter Carpenters, Polecat, Hillstomp, Cornmeal and many more. The band is currently working with Producer Chris White of Comrade Studios (LA/Seattle/Spokane) on their second, full length album, to be released mid-2017.